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Visit and select a public or shared scrapbook to view.  To update your own public and private books plus shared books, login via Facebook.  You can view up to 100 pictures on one page by default.  Click the next button to advance to next page.  You can update maximum pictures per page  You can also limit view to selected time period and/or category.

You can change view to show 1, 2, 4, or 8 pictures per row on page with small, medium, or large size (100, 200, or 300 pixels).  And you can choose to view all associated text or use text area with 4, 10, or 15 lines.  When viewing 2 or more pictures per row, you can view single picture with all text by clicking on a picture title hypertext link.  To return to prior view, click home.

Map marker name, address, and location can be added to each picture entry for use in displaying maps with one or more markers.  Each marker has pop-up information block with links to picture scrapbook entry, link to search for map name and address, and link to find driving directions to map marker location.

Once you are logged in, you can change the name and type of your scrapbooks via update book link.  When viewing your book pictures an update link will appear next to each entry to allow updates to  the picture entry.  Be sure to logout of shared devices when you are done.

View scrapbook form fields:
  • Home button - redirect to view all pictures in current scrapbook category
  • About button - redirect to about page with overview of the scrapbook chronicles website
  • Help button - redirect to help page with description of all fields and technical references
  • Login button - click to login via Facebook.  Click Facebook Login icon if it appears and enter your Facebook email and password if requested.  See Sccrapbook Privacy Policy.
    • Update Scrapbook button - click to update or change scrapbook name and type (only visible when logged in)
    • Add Picture button - Add new picture and story to current scrapbook (only visible when logged in)
    • Logout button - used this button to logout of shared computers when leaving (only visible when logged in)
  • Book selection - select scrapbook to view.  To select private scrapbook you must first login.
    • Public books such as "Don Higgins" are visible by everyone including guests but only owner can update
    • Private books are only visible to their owner
    • Shared books such as "Rotary" are visible to everyone including guests and anyone logged in can update book
  • Order - view pictures in selected order:
    • chronological picture date order (default)
    • Chronological picture date within alphabetical category
    • Descending update date within alphabetical user update name
    • Descending update date
  • Limit - set maximum pictures to display per webpage between default of 24 and maximum of 200
  • Category selection - select all categories for entire scrapbook (default) or restrict to selected category
  • Column selection - select 1, 2, 4, or 8 pictures per row (default is 2).  When , picture title links to display 1 column view of current picture with full text)
  • Text selection - display 4 lines of scrollable text (default), 10 lines, 15 lines, all lines, or no text
    • The picture title, category, date, and last update are always shown
    • Hypertext URL links are only available when showing all text
  • Picture size selection - 100, 200, or 300 pixels; actual size; or full screen with text below
  • Period selection - select all periods for entire scrapbook (default)  or restrict view to selected time period
  • Keyword s - enter one or more keywords to search for within currently selected pictures
    • Each keyword must be 4 or more characters and may contain ending * wildcard
    •  The search includes each picture's title, keywords, update user name,  and description 
  • Search - display page with selected pictures and descriptions
  • Map - display Googlemap showing markers with pop-up information blocks for each entry with selected category and keywords
  • Back - return to previous webpage without reloading page
  • Next - show the next block of pictures within selection up to page limit

     Note: To collapse dropdown selections to single space, turn off touch screen input.   It is recommended to resize pictures to 300 pixels wide to conserve storage space.

Update scrapbook form fields:

  • Book name - unique scrapbook name
  • Book type selection:
    • Public scrapbook everyone can view but only creator can update
    • Private scrapbook only creator can view or update
    • Shared scrapbook that nay logged in user can update
  • Update button - update name and type of currently selected book
  • Add button - add new book and type
  • Delete button - delete book by unique name
  • Back button - return to previous webpage without reloading page

Update picture form fields;

  • Title - unique title within book up to 60 characters which will be keyword indexed
  • Category - category up to 20 characters to group pictures within scrapbook
  • Date - date associated with picture and story in the format yyyy-mm-dd where mm and dd are optional (default is current time)
  • Keywords - unique keywords to add in addition to those in title, update user name, and description (each word must be 4 or more characters and total limit is 60
  • Picture JPG URL - URL to JPG type picture which must be accessible to viewers without separate login (other formats may not work on all browsers)
  • Picture website link URL - URL to webpage associated with picture
  • Map name - name of location on map such as hotel, resturaunt, office building, park, etc.
  • Mad address - street address, city, state, country.  Use "Lookup Address" button to find latitude and longitude for address.  Use "Reset" to reload page to try again.
  • Map latitude -  angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator
  • Map longitude - angular distance of a place east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England
  • Description - description of picture with hyperlink URL's active when in all text view versus scrollable text box
  • Update button - update picture and text information (Note to change title use add and delete)
  • Add button - add new picture and text information
  • Delete button - delete current picture and text information
  • Back button - return to previous webpage without reloading page

Create Scrapbook PDF with hyperlinks

  • Select Scrapbook and report options to be converted to PDF and copy URL
    • Be sure the maximum pictures per page is set to include entire PDF
    • Set picture order for PDF (usually category, title)
    • Adjust pictures per row, picture size, and test options for PDF viewing
  • Start Adobe DC Utility, select "Tools",  "Create PDF", "Webpage"
  • Paste URL into webpage field
  • Click on Create button to generate PDF with hyperlinks
  • Save generated PDF to file location
  • Test hyperlinks and regenerat PDF if report options need to be changed

Create Google Map using scrapbook picture map locations

  • For each picture in map, update the picture field "map address", click "lookup map", and then "Update" if location found ok
  • Select scrapbook and category for map and then click "Map"
  • Copy URL of generated map to share in email or other documents with hyperlinks
  • Click on Marker to see hyperlinks for picture title, map name, and map driving directions link

Error messages

  • Each error message has back button and brief message summarizing error
  • For MySQL data base errors there is an error message generated by the database manager such as duplicate picture title
  • If you can't figure out the cause of the error, email the webmaster with description of the problem so it can be duplicated and corrected and documented

Technical References:

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