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This website supports the creation of online digital scrapbooks with pictures and associated stories about people, places, and things.  Users can login and create public, private, or shared scrapbooks.  Public scrapbooks can be viewed by everyone including other users and guests.  Private scrapbooks can only be viewed by the user who created the while they are logged in.  Shared scrapbooks can be viewed and updated by anyone who is logged in.  The pictures in each scrapbook are organized by user defined categories,, and can be sorted by date, title, or last update.  To view a scrapbook, select one of the shared or public scrapbooks listed or login to select one of your own private scrapbooks.  The default when opening a new scrapbook is all time periods, all categories, and 2 small pictures per row with 4 lines of scrollable text. If there are more pictures than the current page limit, click the next button to see next group of pictures.  Changes to the default settings are saved via cookies.  When more than 1 picture is displayed per row, the title of any picture can be clicked to view the single picture and full text.  Then clicking on home button will return to previous multiple picture display.

Once an author has logged in, they can add, change, or delete their scrapbooks and pictures.  The author of a scrapbook can change its name and type at any time via the update scrapbook button visible when author is logged in.  The author can also add, change, or delete pictures and stories by clicking on the update button shown at bottom of text associated with each picture while logged in as owner of the current scrapbook.  

The software supporting this website is open source under General Public License.  Anyone can download the source code and implement it on their own website if they want to manage their own online digital scrapbook website.  All that is required is a domain name and a hosting service provider supporting PHP and MySQL.  The annual cost for a domain and website hosting service is estimated to be less than $200 per year.  See
Help references for more information.

All authors must comply with the
Terms of Service which includes complying with Facebook Terms of Service (no hate posts, no pornography, etc.).
During initial early adapter period, interested scrapbook authors are welcome to login to website and also join the
Scrapbook Chronicles About Life Facebook user group to add to shared scrapbooks and create their own scrapbooks.  Note any scrapbook can be saved as a PDF with all pictures and full text.  See example links in references.
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